Monday, August 09, 2004

It's a conspiracy. A see-oh-enn...spiracy.

From the Boston Globe today:

Iraq has issued arrest warrants for Ahmed Chalabi, a former Governing Council member, on counterfeiting charges, and for his nephew Salem Chalabi, head of the tribunal trying Saddam Hussein, on murder charges, Iraq's chief investigating judge said yesterday.

The warrant is the latest strike against Ahmed Chalabi in removing him from the centers of power. A longtime Iraqi exile opposition leader, he had been a favorite of many in the Pentagon but fell out with the Americans in the weeks before the handover of Iraqi sovereignty in June.

There's more irony than you can shake a stick at with regards to Ahmed Chalabi's falling star.

Here's a guy who jockeyed within Pentagon circles to take over Iraq after Saddam's ouster, is said to have been the biggest source of the discredited WMD information, and who is alleged to have told Iran that the US had broken their codes and was listening in on their communications.

And we paid him. Millions of our tax dollars went to funding his Iraqi National Congress and his attempts to take over Iraq... and yet this mountebank who embezzled from banks hadn't lived in Iraq since he was a child. The embezzlement and fraud charge (of which he was given 22 years sentence in absentia from Jordan and makes the Pentagon's favorite a convicted felon), was a political conspiracy by Saddam Hussein then. And miraculously this new charge of counterfeiting by the Iraqi justice system is a political conspiracy by Saddam Hussein too.

Funny how the conspiracies keep following you, Mr. Chalabi.


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