Monday, July 11, 2005

Just desserts

It would seem this is what you get when you get in bed with the Wal-marts and other large corporations as a means of greasing your Dominionist agenda.

You get screwed.

From the NY Times:

Conservative Christian groups seeking to galvanize support for a battle over a Supreme Court nomination are rallying around the unlikely symbol of a mega-church in Los Alamitos, Calif., one of a handful of houses of worship that have tangled with towns over the use of eminent domain to take their properties.

In the aftermath of a Supreme Court ruling two weeks ago in favor of using eminent domain for development that increases a city's tax base, many Christian groups are warning supporters that the tax-exempt status of churches may make them targets, often citing the attempt to take a plot of land from the Cottonwood Christian Center in Los Alamitos.

Many legal experts say the fears are unfounded, and a federal appeals court ultimately blocked the condemnation of Cottonwood's property. But calling the decision evidence that the court is out of touch, several Christian groups have seized on the ruling as a potent new motivation to fight for a conservative to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who is retiring.

A conservative to replace O'Connor? Like who? Priscilla "Never Met A Corporate Payoff I Didn't Like" Owen?

Honest to god, I'm trying not to laugh. But it's hard.


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