Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I've got your 'moral values' right here.

Let's face it. Christian 'moral values' voters are weak when it comes to taking personal responsibility. They don't trust their parenting to overcome the influence of popular entertainment. They don't trust their moral grounding to keep them from adultery. They don't trust their resolve or self control to stay away from drugs and liquor. They don't trust their children to heed their advice about sex. They can't follow their own moral compass without stern outside assistance.

They need a Daddy, an inflexible tyrant towering over them to make sure they do what's morally right. And as a result, they require a moral code steeped exclusively in overreaching laws. Without government enforcement of a social code of conduct, moral values voters find their fragile moral integrity crumbling.

The real shame of it is that, more often than not, trying to use the government as one's only protection against moral failing is a pretty clear sign it's just too damn little, too damn late. If you're putting your faith into the idea that the government, a bureaucracy capable of greater criminality than the world has ever seen, will be your moral vanguard... then brother you've got misplaced fucking priorities. The Prohibitionists are a perfect example at expecting too much moral protection from such an inately corrupt institute.

And like the Prohibitionists, the fact they're dragging the rest of the nation into their never-ending crisis of conscience and lack of moral courage is exactly what the founding fathers were trying to get away from.


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