Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Puncture here

Bloomberg blows holes in Rove's lousy defenders....
The "Wilson/Rove Research & Talking Points'' memo distributed by RNC Director of Television Carolyn Weyforth contends, "Both the Senate Committee on Intelligence and the CIA found assessments Wilson made in his report were wrong.''

Yet the Senate panel conclusions didn't discredit Wilson. The committee concluded that the Niger intelligence information wasn't solid enough to be included in the State of the Union speech. It added that Wilson's report didn't change the minds of analysts on either side of the issue, while also concluding that an October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate "overstated what the Intelligence Community knew about Iraq's possible procurement attempts.''

....while this independent writer from NY lays it all down:

Karl Rove is paid to be an advisor. In that capacity he should not have had the access to the identity of Valerie Plame; dot number one. Judith Miller never wrote an article about this, yet was willing to go to jail instead of reveal her source; dot number two. Valerie Plame was working on the very issue, WMD, which Bush was pretending at the time he wanted to protect us from; dot number three. All of these things point back to the Downing Street Memos which prove impeachable offenses; dot number four.

Connect the dots. Call a liar a liar. Call a traitor a traitor. It is time for the house of cards to fall. The American people can handle the truth. We will recover as long as the truth still stands for something. As long as honor still drives our purpose and feeds our soul. As long as we can have our faith in government restored. Connect the dots.


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